Vlogs and Videos

In our second week of practicum Nick Toren and I were tasked to be video commercial producers.

Obviously we wanted to make a commercial for somewhere we love to go and know about. And let me tell you, the amount of times Nick and I have gone to Anton’s after school is.. Alarming. We’re basically experts by now. Doing this commercial was one of the most fun no brainers I’ve done in a while.

Week 1 – Video Story Producers

This is the second video Nick and I put together for our week as video story producers.


Week 1 – Video Story Producers

In our first week of year two at BCIT Nick Toren and I were assigned to work together as ‘video storytellers’. This is the first video we managed to piece together.

The idea was to create a 5-7 video promoting Evolution 107.9’s brand to our audience. Since we’re a student run radio station, most of our videos are heavily focused on our peers and the activities they do (whether they’re serious or not).

1st Year vs. 2nd Year Baseball Game

It’s an annual tradition in the Radio Arts and Entertainment program to kick off the end of year with a baseball game, 1st years vs. 2nd years. There were a ton of good plays, even greater teammates and it only rained the tiniest amount. We lost in the end, but we’ll win next year against the new first years.

School GRWM

The day I had a late start! I decided to use my time wisely and try to record a get ready with me type video, school edition.

March 29th – April 3rd 2017 Wow What a Week! Vlog

I actually somehow managed to collect footage for an entire week. This is March 29th to April 3rd, a lot went down! So many projects to do, but we still got to squeeze in baseball practices, goofing off and a pasta lunch.

March 24th 2017 Finally Friday! Vlog

Thank god it was Friday! A couple of kids from the program went downtown to see some up and coming bands and hang around each other.

March 19th 2017 Sunday Funday Vlog

So Spring Break wasn't actually a break.. And the only day I actually had to do nothing so happened to be the day right before school started up again! This is a vlog of my free day, which turned out to be a gorgeous first day of Spring.

February Vlog

Ever wondered what a group of Radio Students get up to on the daily? This video is a compilation of footage we collected over the entirety of February. Edited together by James Bryce, it might be a bit rough. But it'll be nice to look back on this vlog in the future!

Week 4 Simulations - Video Storytelling

Simulations are a class where we are thrown into everyday jobs one would find at a Radio Station in the real world. This week my friend Amy Edwards and I were given the job of video storytelling. You can pretty much guess what that entails. Our audio may have cut out in some spots, but I think it gave the piece more character. I've been watching a lot of X-Files lately, can you tell that it inspired me?