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Ginger Snaps

While trying to step out of my comfort zone yesterday, yet again, I told myself that I would watch another scary movie (one that wasn’t too scary, of course). Call me crazy but, I started watching Ginger Snaps at about 11pm last night. It wasn’t over till 1am. As any sane person will tell you, it’s probably not the best idea to watch a horror film in the middle of the night. Especially when said movie revolves around a few out of control murderous werewolves since – you know – they’re theoretically the most powerful and scary in the ‘witching hour’.

One of the first things I noticed about the movie was the intro, a macabre scene of the two sister characters Brigitte and Ginger working on their school project. It wasn’t just the scenery I noticed, but the soundtrack that played synonymously under all the images. It worked really well and perfectly gave me, the viewer, a synopsis of how the tone of the film would be throughout. I’ll be honest though, it also made me think about how long the intro theme was. It wasn’t till last night that I realized the stark differences in timing between introducing films in the late 90’s, early 00’s, and now.

The entire idea of Ginger Snaps is very basic; on a night that just so happened to be a full moon while out in the dark Ginger and Brigitte come across a beast. The contact results in one of them being infected by a lycan curse. One might not believe that to be an entirely new concept, but it is. You see in many horror films where a human is infected, especially werewolf stories, we find the victim to be a ‘stereotypical’ male. The dark, independent and brooding ‘lone wolf’ who flies off the handle as soon as the cycle begins has been overdone to such an extent that it just isn’t a surprise anymore. And so in this regard, Ginger Snaps is a completely new take. Ginger as a character is a pioneer in the horror genre, showing everyone that it isn’t just the male gender that can be moulded into those ‘monster’ rolls. The film also tears down the ‘lone wolf’ ideology.  Brigitte, throughout the film, tries in vain to be with her sister, and even if the film did end the way it did (no spoilers) the pair did try to work through problems as a pack.

I’m just going to throw in that I am an absolute sucker for folklore and legends and back story, okay? So when the movie started to get into the heat of the plot and Brigitte began to unravel what was going on around her, using not only her own smarts, but common lore and lycan mythology as well, I was completely sold on the rest of the film.

That being said I don’t have a lot of qualms with the movie… Except for one. If I’m being honest, I think one of the reasons why I didn’t find this film to be that scary was due to the fact that the werewolf looked, to be blunt, completely off. To such an extent that when I actually paused to get a better look, I laughed. Let’s just say that CGI and special effects have come a long way since the 00’s.

Again if you’re looking to watch a movie to get in the Halloween spirit this year but are a big old fraidy cat, like me, I suggest watching Ginger Snaps. It’s got a good soundtrack throughout, two interesting characters to follow, and an overall spooky tone that will really get you in the mood.

The Moth Diaries

Only three days into the month of October but, let’s be real, I’ve been raring to get spooky ever since the very first temperature drop in the middle of September. Tis the season to get scared out of your gosh darn mind. What better way to get in the mood than turn on all the lights, close and lock all the windows and doors and curl up under a blanket with your favourite stuffed animal? All this while indulging in a scary movie of course.

Now, I’m really not that drawn to horror films or scary stuff since when I do get scared or startled I tend to tear up and start kicking. However, I have tried to step out of my comfort zone and be brave on more than a few occasions. (For example, I do actually enjoy the American Horror Story franchise. Though I fast forward through the gory parts quite often.)

A scary movie that I have happened to come across and actually enjoy is The Moth Diaries, an Irish-Canadian horror film that had been nominated for a Black Pearl Award. I found that one of the most interesting aspects about the piece is that, when listening to the narration throughout, it’s as though the main character is reading the accounts from her personal journal. The premise of the film is that in an exclusive boarding school for girls the main character, Rebecca, comes across a new girl, Ernessa, who is categorized as “strange and mysterious”. Without giving too much away, as it is actually a good Canadian film to look into if you want to appreciate Canadian work, a series of haunting and dark events unfold as soon the two come across one another. These events are pinpointed by particularly creepy ‘dream states’, especially the one where Ernessa sings about the Juniper Tree. I mean, singing a creepy song in a horror film isn’t particularly original but… It still get’s to me every time. But I digress… The film ends on a hot note (as there is fire involved).

All in all, the film isn’t actually too scary. And when comparing it to a horror franchise like that of American Horror story I would have to say that it’s much more of a psychological thriller. If you’re as sensitive as I am but still want to get into the Halloween spirit with a scary movie or two, the Moth Diaries is one that I would really recommend.

The X-Files is Back!… Again!

Buckle up sci-fi nerds and occult dweebs alike, the X-Files is back in Canada!… Again! Alright, so this probably isn’t news to you. Especially if you’re a mega fan like I am. But personally, I’d say that the wait for the eleventh series since it was released that there would be one has felt an eon and a half long. Of course, the teaser shots and promo’s released every so often by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson really don’t help anyone sate that extraterrestrial hunger.

Recently, more teaser shots have been released on Entertainment Weekly, giving us a peek as to the condition of Scully and Mulder in the aftermath of season 10’s climax. A climax which was, by the way, filmed for a majority on Vancouver’s own Georgia Viaduct. The picture released showcases a scene not strange to those avid X-Philes fanatics. In fact, it’s eerily familiar. It appears as if Scully is being tended to in a hospital bed, while Mulder hangs his head by her side. This scene is strange in that, if you remember the latest episode, you’ll recall that Mulder was the one sick, not Scully. Personally, I’m interested to see in how that twist comes about.

I know Season 11 is coming up fast since it’s supposed to be released in the 2017-2018 time frame but for me, it’s not fast enough! I think I might go stir crazy soon if at least one episode isn’t released. If you’re an avid X-Phile looking to stop the X-File itch… David Duchovny is in town October 14th for a show. Though if you’re looking for the real deal up close feel his meet and greet tickets are sold out. Still, simply being around him or making your way out to popular shooting spots might help? Maybe?

Here’s a link to some of the most iconic shoots the X-Files had in Vancouver!