Air Shorts

In our second term of the Radio Arts and Entertainment program we begin to run 'Simulations' every Friday. This is when we rotate through a variety of jobs to gain experience in every field that requires us to run Evolution 107.9.

This is a collection of audio clips I've gathered throughout my time 'on air'.

As a podcaster for Week 5 I was given the great opportunity to interview Patricia, a local Metaphysical Practitioner. Bad luck on Friday the 13th is an inherently known superstition among most of Western American culture, but really… Where does it stem from? And what is superstition? This podcast tries to tackle and understand the bad omen that is Friday the 13th.

I interviewed local researcher, writer and ghost enthusiast Greg Mansfield about the Lady in Red. The Fairmont Hotel, formerly known as Hotel Vancouver, has been around since 1939 and housed many special events and patrons, but one is especially unique. The ghost formally known as the Lady in Red or Jeannie Pearl Cox, who many believe her to be, was a well known socialite in Vancouver’s late 1930’s era. She is now thought to be haunting the 14th floor of the hotel she lived to love, but don’t be frightened! Staff claim that she is friendly.

Mankiran was kind of delirious this week (6am shifts will do that to you) but she was a real trooper for working with me on this one!

My friend Buhle wrote some pretty bomb ads this week, and the voicing talent was pretty on par as well.

Cole Bennett and Phelan Glenn are SUCH creative voicers! It’s always fun to work with them, and I think the reason why this ad worked so well was solely due to their talent.

Liam Verster again was kind enough to lend me his voice for this one. This is from the third day of practicum as a Commercial Producer and I just seem to be having more and more fun? I'm really proud of the underlying tone and of course the cool sound effects at the end.
You can thank the incomparable Kellan Tochkin for the amazing voice work on this piece.
It's time for first years to take over! Practicum has finally begun and for my first week I was assigned to be a Commercial Producer. 3 Commercials a day, finessed and uploaded to the station's roster and everything. Here's one I did for Tall Paul Fitness! The lovely Keaton Campbell lent me his voice for it.
A commercial for the Campus Cafe in SE2, a place every student knows like the back of their hand. Liam Verster voiced this one for me!
A PSA voiced by Cole Bennett, this was definitely my favourite piece from the first days work.
In my final week of Simulations I was given the task of producing commercials! Mike Tagami voiced this one for me and I think it turned out to be one of my best ones.
With the voice talent of Mankiran Aujla, Nick Toren and Sydney Wong I produced this commercial! I probably had the most fun with this one.
I believe it was Week 8 of Sims that I was assigned to West Coast Watch, a position that let's you produce a short podcast concerning anything of your choosing. I chose to cover bring your own cup day! For 7/11. I'm really proud of what I managed to do here, I think this is probably one of my best produced pieces so far.
In Week 6 of simulations I was in charge of making 'splitters', the little blurbs you hear in between songs that remind you just what station you're tuned in to. I thought this was a really great one!
This Station ID includes a bit of an inside joke between me and my classmates. Want a laugh? Look up Owen Wilson saying wow on YouTube. It'll change your life.
For our final project in this term's journalism class we were in charge of creating a 3 minute podcast with a relevant topic of our choosing. We also had to set up an interview for it with someone who could provide insight into that topic. I talked to Richard Tatomir, a counsellor for Relationships Experts Vancouver, about the changing dating scene and finding love online.
In week 5 of Simulations, a course which allows its students to gain real world experience, my friend Brandon Elsom and I were assigned to be debaters. In lieu of the several recent 'habitable' planets NASA has found nearby, we decided to discuss whether Aliens could actually be a thing. Brandon Elsom produced.
This was purely just me goofing off and making a fake radio show. Note the slightly sci-fi feel.
In an extra credit assignment, Nick Toren and Mckenna Reubens go around asking the public just what fast food franchise makes the best french fries.