About Me

My name is Mckenna Reubens and I'm currently enrolled in BCIT's Radio Arts and Entertainment program. I've somehow landed myself the position of Set Representative, and even more miraculously found myself thoroughly enjoying all that it entails. I'm hoping to apply what I've been learning at BCIT in real world experiences, especially those regarding social media coordination, event promotion, sound and video production and storytelling opportunities.

There's something special to be said about bad movies and TV series. From the plot of the Heathers, to the cheesy ancient quality of early X-Files special effects, the worse it is the more I love it.

I'm a cartoon enthusiast, YouTube fanatic and have related to Daria Morgendorffer on one too many occasions.

I'd like to say living on the outer edge of the lower mainland has made me more hardcore. But who am I kidding.

Personal Branding Assignment

Personal Branding Assignment This is my brand which is a part of me, this is who I am and who I hope to showcase to the world.